Public Safety Training and Consulting

Second in MACNLOW's Capstone Award supervisory series, this course focuses on dealing with difficult/problem employees, empowering employees, supervisory ethics, managing projects, problem solving, managing workplace relationships, and handling special details.  

Through small group work, exercises, lecture and role play, participants leave with new knowledge and skills in:

- “Solving” difficult employees
- Empowering employees to be high achievers
- Encouraging ethical workplace behavior
- Building and setting performance goals
- Solving problems unique to those employed in police, dispatch, fire, courts and corrections settings
- Planning and handling departmental projects.

Attendance at Police Supervision/Achieving Supervisory Excellence is a preferred (but not required) pre-requisite for this course.

The cost is $375 per person and the class is both MCOLES approved for 302 funds and SNC approved for 911 dispatch training funds.

Location: Big Rapids Department of Public Safety, Big Rapids, MI

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