Public Safety Training and Consulting

This course is over!
This course is MCOLES approved for 302 funds.  The cost is $275 per person and the course runs from 8 am to 5 pm with an hour for lunch.

Cases of child sexual abuse can be among the most difficult to investigate and prosecute.  The case often centers around the words of a child.  The quality of investigation by law enforcement and the prosecutor’s ability to effectively present the case are determinative factors in protecting the child from further abuse, removing child predators from the community, and protecting other children from exposure.

This is not a forensic interviewing course, but is designed to offer practical instruction to bring the case from the initial report through to a successful prosecution.  This training centers around receiving and completing the investigation with use of simple and practical, yet advanced techniques. Students will learn tools such as how to best utilize witnesses, scene documentation, prior act victims, suspect medical forensic examinations, presenting the case in the courtroom and more.

This course is designed for all of those on the front lines handling child sexual assault investigations including first responders, detectives and prosecutors.

Upon completion of the course, attendees will gain:
1.  A better understanding of all phases of child sexual assault investigations;
2.  Additional skills and techniques for corroborating the disclosure and conducting a thorough investigation;
3.  Ways to best achieve impartiality and objectivity in investigating child sexual assault cases; and,
4.  Increased knowledge of bringing the case to the prosecutor’s office and the roles of those involved in the trial process to ensure a satisfactory and just outcome.

Location: Michigan State University Police Department, East Lansing, MI (class to be held at the EOC, 353 Forest Road, Lansing, MI)

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