Public Safety Training and Consulting

This course is over!

This course is the third and final course in MACNLOW's Capstone Award series for supervisors.  It may be taken as a standalone course though.

Topics covered include supervisory responsibility, procedures to investigate citizen or staff complaints, investigative confidentiality requirements, legal updates on specific decisions applying to public safety professionals, further explanation of search and seizure law, use of force, jail/lock-up issues, and how to mentor and coach disciplined employees.  The emphasis is on practical application of:

- Understanding of liability in your “individual” and “official” capacities
- Identifying implications for supervisory liability in “failure to control” employees with a history of misbehavior
- Practical procedures (practiced in class) for investigating complaints
- Tips for applying current case law on a day-to-day basis
- Ways to coach employees back to high performance 

Critical Supervisory Issues is taught by Lt. Keith Wuotinen of the Novi Police Department who is also an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Michigan.  Attendees will greatly benefit from his real life experience as a police officer combined with his extensive knowledge on the subject matter as an attorney.  

The course is MCOLES approved for 302 funds.

Location: Macomb Public Service Institute, 21901 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI

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