Public Safety Training and Consulting

This course enables police to examine the importance of professionalism, attitude, integrity, and pride in service delivery.  They examine how the public judges them, how their personal and professional blind spots can lead to liability and complaints, and verbal, vocal, and nonverbal measures they can utilize to enhance their professionalism.

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

1.  Recognize their sense of pride, attitude, integrity, and identify how these affect  
     their ability to work successfully with the public.

2.  Identify Moments of Truth that set the tone for each interaction.

3.  Identify the 5 ways that the public evaluates police services.

4.  Practice using reflective listening skills in a critiqued classroom situation.

5.  Learn new ways to build citizen rapport.

6.  Develop positive nonverbal and vocal behaviors for dealing with citizens as 
     evidenced by their critiqued practicing of them in role play.

7.  Identify their personal work styles as evidenced by their completion and 
     interpretation of a Work Behavioral Profile.

The cost is $275 per person and the course is MCOLES approved for 302 funds.
Location: Lansing, MI

Mar 21–23, 2018Advanced SupervisionMacomb Public Service Institute, 21901 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI
Mar 26–28, 2018Police Supervision (law enforcement) aka Achieving Supervisory Excellence (dispatch)Southgate Police Department, 14710 Reaume Pkwy, Southgate, MI
Apr 9–13, 2018Basic 40-Hour Dispatch SchoolGrand Traverse County Central Dispatch, Traverse City, MI
Apr 11–13, 2018Police Supervision (law enforcement) aka Achieving Supervisory Excellence (dispatch)Milford Police Department, Milford, MI
Apr 20, 2018Policing with Pride & IntegrityLansing, MI
Apr 23–27, 2018Advanced 40-Hour Dispatch SchoolHosted by MSP-Negaunee Regional Comm Center, Marquette, MI (Upper Peninsula) at Northern Michigan University
Apr 30–May 4, 2018Basic 40-Hour Dispatch SchoolWashtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI
Jun 18–22, 2018Advanced 40-Hour Dispatch SchoolHope College, Holland, MI